Interested in knowing more about the Temple of the Banker Dave?
The Temple Training Institute introduces you to a new world of
worship in the world’s oldest primal religion, the worship of the cock,
a rite documented in almost every ancient civilization, as well as
exploring your true submissive side.

New congregates are enrolled as a novice in the initiation training
module, designed to introduce you to the details of submissive
worship, temple services and leadership, and finally assistance in
determining your role within the Temple organization itself.

Further training is available beyond the initiation module as a Temple
submissive, deacon, priest, or high priest, for one of you worthy of
the position as my right hand man. Ordination and holy orders follow
the completion of these courses.

Current tuition rates are $15.00 per credit. Check out the curriculum
for each available program below, as well as related educational
materials needed for each program. Programs must be completed in
order of Temple Association rankings. Courses will be opened upon
completion by congregation members.
    Orientation to Temple Worship
2 Credits
    Initiation and Baptism
3 Credits
    Engaging in True Worship
3 Credits
    Worship Services and Leadership
3 Credits
    Future Temple Roles and Training
2 Credits
    Temple Doctrines
2 Credits
    Temple Manual
    Official Manual of Rituals
    Temple Insignia / Black Level Dog Tag
All members are encouraged to complete their training as a novice in order to learn more about the Temple of the Banker Dave, its
teachings, leadership, and practices. Each lesson requires hands on completion of each section and completed lessons should be submitted
for inclusion on the congregates transcript.

Completion of the novice training is all that is necessary to satisfy membership requirements. Future training is required of those interested
in fulfilling the deacon, priest, or temple submissive roles.
    Introduction to the Slave Mind
2 Credits
    Submissive / Temple Protocols
3 Credits
    Submissive Rules
2 Credits
    Submissive Qualities
2 Credits
    Course Practicum
6 Credits
    Course Electives
5 Credits
    Temple Insignia / Pink Level Dog Tag
The Level I submissive will be given some measure of leniency for error, depending on the tolerance of the non-submissives he is around. A
Level I submissive will be quickly corrected as to any error he makes, so that he will learn not to repeat it. Errors of disobedience and
disrespect will not be tolerated and will receive instant and severe punishment. No consideration for being a beginner will be given.

Level I submissives will also be given an opportunity to 'try their skills' on a regular basis, with the understanding that their service may not
be as polished as a submissive who has been serving longer. Special weekends with an approved masters or with a higher ranking member
of the temple may be determined after the submissive has successfully completed at least half of his credits in this module (6 or more).
Masters will be required to submit an evaluation for those special sessions to become a part of the submissive’s permanent record.

Those in Level I of service will not be dismissed from training, unless they are determined to be unable to meet the standards of service of
the Temple. Any submissive who fails to continue to meet the requirements for designation as a Level I submissive, or who becomes
unpleasing in the eyes of the Temple trainer will have that designation stripped away, and will be set at the level that their service/behavior
best represents. A Level I submissive who does not show an aptitude for learning the rules and behaviors of the Temple will be dealt with in a
special meeting of slave mentors and decisions will be made as to their future. While it is not consistent with Temple teachings that they be
dismissed from the Temple, their future in the Temple will be decided by the mentor committee.

At the completion of the first module, a serious discussion among the trainers, and including the submissive, concerning a submissive’s
desire or his fitness and determination to enter Level II will be convened. A submissive moving to Level II is seriously moving to a level of
total commitment in which more of his freedoms will be taken and a more enthusiastic commitment must be exhibited. This is a step up to a
higher level of commitment.
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