The Narthex is a general meeting place for all my boys to get together.
    It is also the area which contains the site chat room.
    The Nave is also the known as "The Hall of Subs."
    Here you will see a directory of all current serving subs, along will completed assignments and tasks.
    The North Transept is one of the holiest of the Temple.
    It is devoted to Foot Worship.
    The South Transept is also one of the holiest of the Temple.
    It is devoted to Muscle Worship.
    The Pulpit is the designated area for true learning experiences.
    Here you will find my weekly audio sermons which will guide you on your path.
    The Lectern, like the Pulpit, is a truly educational area.
    Here you will find all of my writings on various BDSM topics and general life experiences.
    The Chancel is basically the Temple choir.
    It contains an online MP3 player will all of my favorite tunes and playlists.
    The Vestry is a sacred area, especially for my truly devotional boys.
    It contains a full line of gear, previously worn by me, and customizable for your worshipping pleasure.
    The Confessional pretty much goes without saying.
    Here you can confess your deepest and darkest secrets to Banker Dave. He'll be the only one who'll know.
    The Sanctuary is a spiritual place. A place for reflectional, devotion, and praise.
    It is devoted to Full Body Worship.
    The Altar is the holiest of the holy.
    It is devoted to Cock Worship.
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