Control... it's at the center of everything. Giving it, Taking it...

In our professional lives and personal lives.
For many, giving up control is a relief. Let someone else do the driving.

You've probably been in situations where you thought,
I'd let that guy control me, control my cock, my ass, every breath I take.
If I only had the nerve.

Was it the hot guy at work, the neighborhood cop, or perhaps some athlete
on TV? Maybe these submissive thoughts freaked you out at first, but then
you gave into the fantasy. Jerking your cock to the thought of it.
But it can be difficult to achieve. Even the weakest among us can have difficulty giving up control to someone else and
become truly submissive. This is especially so in sex. A majority crave it, some rather intensely, but are too afraid to do so in
real life. It's a unique way to travel to those dark places where we can't, won’t, or aren’t ready to go, in reality. If you’ve
reached this site, that's probably you.

To be dominated sexually is to relinquish control of your two primary sex organs: the brain and the cock. And relinquishing
one leads to giving up the other. To explore the realm of submission is to open yourself to freedom from your everyday life
and its burdens. Let go and feel that exquisite relief. Of course, in any traditional Dom/sub relationship, the sub must grant
permission to the Dom, a power exchange. Once that occurs, all bets are off. The possibilities are endless; as limitless as your

There are myriad ways to give up control of your cock (and the rest of your body.) Some guys like it fairly mild. Perhaps a
good mind fuck, like tease and denial. Or guided masturbation, where the Dom takes charge of your jack off session. Others
like it more extreme. Do you crave an intense role play scene, with, perhaps, a healthy dose of obedience or humiliation? Or
maybe you seek a BDSM session or want to explore the vast array of kink and fetish. With so much territory to cover, why
not explore it all? What’s your pleasure (or pain)?
If you are ready to be teased and titillated, only to be denied in the end, you are encouraged to give me a call. You
can do so by clicking on the phone to the left. If you would rather first discuss tease and denial via email, you can
send me a message on NiteFlirt by using the button to the right, or through our contact form (link on main
navigation menu).
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