I'm Dave... your not-so-friendly neighborhood banker!
I work all day foreclosing homes and repossessing property
from losers like you who can't pay their bills on time.

Once I get off, I continue the fun by taking your
hard earned CA$H and draining your spirit
for my pure pleasure!
27 Years Old
6 Feet Tall
165 lbs.
Dark Brown Hair
Ashy Blue Eyes
32-34" Waist
Size 12-13 Shoes
9" x 5" Rock Hard Cock
I head straight to the gym for an intensive workout of cardio, ab training, and weight lifting, after a long hard day at the
office! I always make sure to break a sweat, otherwise it's not worth it!

Getting all hot, ripped, and sweat covered, I hit the locker room for a steamy hot shower, and some post workout eye candy!
I often get rock hard from seeing all the gym rats walking around, and don't shy away from showing my long hard cock to
my fellow gym buddies. After the floor show, it's nice to come home and relax, as my loyal boys worship every inch of my
well toned body.

Purchase my foot photo sets NOW in the
bank lobby, and gaze at them loyally while your jaw drops to the floor and your
mouth slobbers in amazement!

Submit tribute on a regular basis to become one of my loyal foot boys!

Show your appreciation even further by purchasing me something from my Amazon wish list. Those of you who worship
the best will be handsomely rewarded.

"After my intense workout, I was incredibly sore from my head to my toes... I definitely needed a full body massage. To my surprise, when I
pulled into the driveway, I noticed one of my longtime loyal subs sitting on my stoop. I got out of my car, walked over to him, and asked him
what he was doing there. "I've been thinking about your body all day, and just had to come see you," he said. I opened up the door, and led
him into the living room. I kicked off my shoes, and lied my tired body face down on the sofa. He immediately began working his firm hands
on my back, shoulders, and the backs of my legs. After awhile, I flipped myself over and allowed him to begin slowly rubbing my chest and
arms, which quickly moved to focus on my quads, a part of my body which he really enjoyed. He slowly removed my gym shorts and t-shirt,
and covered my up with a thin blanket that way laying on the back of the couch. He worked my right quad then my left as I told him where
the pain was most intense. He intensified his worship to the afflicted area and I begin to notice that the blanket was moving independent of his
ministrations. He began getting pretty aroused as he worked my leg. I quickly went from flaccid to hard. As he worked the leg, I noticed his
eyes transfixed by the gradual growth of my cock under the blanket, before long, I was full on pitching a tent..."
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