Sometimes it takes real money to keep you motivated to accomplish hard
goals such as losing weight. Banker Dave's "Lose It or Lose It: Your Weight
In Gold" is a new service offered by the First National Bank of Dave that lets
you worship Banker Dave for the incredible specimen of physical masculinity
he is, while seeing if you can actually lose weight over a 13-week period. You
risk your money every time you fail to reach your goal!
To start, click here to access the tribute form of Banker Dave's Jock NiteFlirt listing. Input your current weight on the tribute
form. You are also to include the weight you would like to reach by the end of the 13-week period. You are to submit an
initial buy-in tribute at the rate of $.25 per pound. This payment will give you access to your online tracking account on the website.

Every week, you are to re-weigh yourself and submit a payment equal to $.02 per pound. Your goal is to lower your overall
weigh in order to decrease the amount of your weekly payment. For this, you will gain a sense of self-worth while
maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Should you gain weight in excess of 5 pound during any one month, a penalty payment of
$20.00 will be required.

You are encouraged, but not required, to submit photos of your progress as well as your weigh-ins.

If you reach your goal within the 13-week period, you will be rewarded by receiving a $25.00 credit for FNBD services.
Failure to reach your goal will result in an additional $25.00 penalty surcharge.

Will you Lose It... or Lose It?
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