Investing in commodities futures is a unique way to diversify a solid portfolio.
There is great potential as tangible goods will always have a value to society. As
the prices are prone to fluctuations, the use of futures contracts brings a degree
of stability and security, which makes trading in commodities highly profitable
for the knowledgeable investor.

Banker Dave, of all people, knows the importance of diversifying his portfolio.
Therefore, you can further Banker Dave's personal wealth and assets by
investing in these agriculture futures contracts. I've decided to allow my loyal
boys the opportunity to expand my portfolio by trading in the futures market.
Convert your hard earned cash into Feeder Cattle, Pork Bellies, Lean Hogs, and
Live Cattle futures contracts. These trades will be added to Banker Dave's
strategic financial reserve vault, and hopefully, will continue to increase in value
over the upcoming years.

  • One Feeder Cattle futures contract is 50,000 pounds.

  • One Frozen Pork Bellies futures contract is 40,000 pounds.

  • One Lean Hogs futures contract is 40,000 pounds.

  • One Live Cattle futures contract is 40,000 pounds.

To add a futures contract to Banker Dave's reserve, simply use the BUY NOW
link below each futures category below to make your purchase. Clicking on this
link will transfer you to the NiteFlirt tribute page where you can input your
purchase price, as well as include a note of the futures contract and amount you
are adding to the reserve. All contract purchases MUST follow the current bid
prices listed on the exchange ticker to the left. Multiply the current bid price by
the amount you wish to purchase today to get your total amount.

1 Feeder Cattle Contract         (Bid Price = $114.69/Contract x 1 Unit = $114.69)
2 Lean Hog Contracts               (Bid Price = $82.87/Contract x 2 Units = $165.74)

Be sure to include futures type, amount being purchased, current bid price, and
the exact purchase amount when entering your information on the bid form
(tribute page).
Feeder Cattle Futures
Priced per Contract
Pork Bellies Futures
Priced per Contract
Lean Hogs Futures
Priced per Contract
Live Cattle Futures
Priced per Contract
( 1 Unit Increments )
( 1 Unit Increments )
( 1 Unit Increments )
( 1 Unit Increments )
Feeder Cattle
Pork Bellies
Lean Hogs
Live Cattle
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