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I'm Dave... your not-so-friendly neighborhood banker!
I work all day foreclosing homes and repossessing property from losers
like you who can't take care of their responsibilities and pay their bills on time.


29 Years Old   -   6 Feet Tall   -   170 lbs.
Dark Brown Hair   -   Ashy Blue Eyes
32-34" Waist   -   12.5 - 13" Feet
9.5" x 5" Rock Hard Throbbing Cock
I am the one and only Banker Dave! Unlike many wannabe dominants you come in contact with online, I have a real job. I am a real life bank
manager by day and financial master by night. You won't see me trolling the internet begging for anyone to send me their money. I have more
self respect than to lower myself to the online standards the BDSM lifestyle scene has unfortunately come to be.

I am college educated and extremely creative when it comes to my D/s offerings. Unlike the fly by night masters who beg for cash and give
nothing in return, I provide a lifestyle experience and help you explore all manners of the BDSM scene at a level you won't receive anywhere else.


Financial domination is only a subset of the entire BDSM lifestyle scene. I am highly educated and knowledgeable on all aspects of the scene and
take the lifestyle very seriously.

I find it extremely frustrating when I see wannabe's entering the scene because they think it is an easy way to make money. For me, the money is
purely symbolic for the worship and adoration my loyal followers possess. Calling someone a faggot doesn't make you a good master.

A true Dom needs to have a high understanding of what makes submissives tick. I am a true ALPHA gay male and have never tried to hide that
fact. I'm sure there are a handful of straight Doms who use financial domination as a means to support their unemployment or drug habits, but
you can't consider yourself a "straight thug" if you are willing to let someone eat your ass and swallow your cock on a daily basis. Stop allowing
these phonies to thrive and submit to someone who truly understands what they are doing. You don't get to be one of the highest rated masters
just by showing up...
Committing to a lifetime or even a single session of submissive slavery is a serious undertaking for anyone to consider. Nothing is to be
rushed. Nothing is to be taken for granted. All the rules and conditions to be built up over time do not fundamentally matter as they are a
means to an end: a sustainable, ever-maturing and evolving, mutually satisfying, effective and loving D/s partnership. Be honest, open and
truthful, with yourself and your Master. Commitment, fulfillment, happiness and above all trust and clear communication are crucial, so think
carefully about what you are asked here.

his process will take some time. A good Master needs a thorough understanding of any slave who is placed under his control, and honesty
and trust are established through clear communication, as well as good actions and training. The mental component to slavery is even more
important than the physical dimensions, and this p
rocess will help a slave to begin to explore the mental side of slavery, or at the least, enable
a slave to consider his reaction or attitudes to various aspects of slavery.

Good Masters need good slaves, and good slaves who submit more willingly and completely to a Master are desirable, and worthy of training.
If your application is successful, I will be in touch to arrange an inspection/ interview session and to discuss your future slave development.

    Good Luck,

    Banker Dave
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