Christmas is one of the most celebrated times of the year,
and no one celebrates bigger than Banker Dave.
Living such a lavish life, does of course,
requires a high amount of cash on hand to do so.

To make sure Banker Dave has enough funds to celebrate the holidays,
First National Bank of Dave has created a new savings account option
for all the financial pay piggies out in the world.
"Feliz Financial Fuckery"
Customers who choose this option with their new accounts will be required to make weekly deposits of no less than $10.00.
Any customer missing a weekly deposit will incur an additional $20.00 late payment fee.

FNBD Christmas Club Accounts are interest bearing accounts.
The current interest rate on these accounts is 49.69% APR compounded monthly (3.4188%)

OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY with an initial deposits of no less than $20.00.