It must have taken you a lifetime to walk all the way to my office...

Now that you are here... you might as well stay awhile!

It's always nice to have a micro-sized submissive
wandering around my bank office all day.

Whether I keep you tucked away in my pocket, doing the backstroke
in my coffee cup, or snuggled up in my desk drawer,
I'd be happy to have you around.

Lucky for me, your money remains full-sized!

Make sure to check out the macro photo sets in the bank lobby,
or request to have yourself superimpose in a banking photo.

The options are endless for a little guy like you!
If you are ready to talk about macro play, you are encouraged to give me a call. You can do so by clicking on the
phone to the left. If you would rather first discuss macrophilia via email, you can send me a message on NiteFlirt by
using the button to the right, or through our contact form (link on main navigation menu).
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