This is the highest level of servitude,
next to consensual blackmail.

Once your contract buy-in is received; you are given a
budgeting worksheet to state your monthly expenses.

You are to complete that to the best of your knowledge,
and send it back to me ASAP for review.

All major necessary expenses stay where they are needed,
but discretionary spending is taken to the bare bones,
which in turn allows for bigger savings,
making you a more valuable resource.

Your budget will be closely monitored!
You will be paying taxes to Banker Dave and the First National Bank of Dave on a regular basis. Upon application, the
frequency of taxation will be mutually agreed upon. Typically, taxation periods run in line with your normal pay schedule.
Taxes for the selected period must be received no later than 3 days after the agreed upon time period or late payment fees will

The purpose of these payments is to strictly control and budget your spending, allowing more funds to be available for
Banker Dave's use, at the same time, it allows you to live, spend, and save responsibly, having all excesses and frivolous use
of money completely trimmed. You will see yourself as, and ultimately become, Banker Dave's financial asset.

It is to be understood that this process may take several months or even years to develop to full maturity, but you will
constantly strive to reach the ultimate goal.


To learn more about forced budgeting and taxation, purchase a copy of the contract and rates of taxation below. The
contract is quite detailed, and all questions should be answered within the information contained in the contract. Don't
message or call prior to purchasing the contract in order to have your questions answered.

Once you are ready to proceed, submit your contract buy-in below for the servitude to begin.