Blackmail is the highest level of servitude. This service isn't for the faint of
heart. It should be considered fully before entering into the contract due to
the severity of the matter. We take this
very seriously.

The word is derived from the word for tribute paid by English and Scottish
border dwellers to Reivers in return for immunity from raids and
harassment. This tribute was paid in goods or labor (reditus nigri, or
"blackmail"); the opposite is blanche firmes or reditus albi, or "white rent"
(denoting payment by silver). Alternatively, it's from two Scottish Gaelic
words blathaich pronounced "bld-aich" (to protect} and mal (tribute).
First, there is an initial contract buy-in (tribute) to begin this service. The fee for contract initiation ranges from $50 to $1,000,
and varies in degrees of difficulty based on the amount submitted. In other words, the higher the contract rate, more the
attention to detail on our end. Upon receipt of your initial contract buy-in, you will receive the blackmail contract. This
contract must be completed in full, with no exceptions. All information will be discretely verified to confirm its accuracy, so
think twice before giving fake or false information. Anyone supplying false information is considered to be a time waster, and
the contract will be null and void. Furthermore, you will be refused any future services with our banking institution.

Second, we will only go into detail about how this service works once you are under contract. There are too many
wannabe's who say they want this service, but actually are just here to waste time.

Basically, once you have entered into the contract, you will be under our complete control. Blackmail recipients will receive
regular tasks, similar to our standard account holder, to complete based on your tolerance threshold level. The tasks run
mild to wild, be it public or private humiliation, pain, financial, or purchasing items to benefit Banker Dave's needs. These
tasks, while some may be challenging, should be easy enough for anyone to complete. They WILL be completed in the time
tables provided, or you WILL suffer the consequences.

Many people who are interested in blackmail miss the entire idea of the service. The idea is to know your information is
vulnerable, which your intentions to never have the information released. Failure to follow my instructions WILL result in
the release of this information. In the past, we've had quite a few recipients fail to realize the severity of this service and the
extreme power that I have, but they quickly found out that we don't fuck around!

One recipient in particular, was a nasty popper pig. He just loved to snort poppers while having a rubber fist in his ass. Not
only was he a popper pig, but he was also a long time middle school teacher. For some reason, he felt that it was okay to
begin serving another master on the side. WRONG MOVE! We learned of his deceitful behavior, thus felt it was just to release
his entire information file. A collection of photos as well as video where emailed to the superintendent of schools in his
district, and he was sent before the school board, which resulted in his immediate termination.


No matter where you are from, or who you think you are, we will track you down. Being in the industry, it takes no longer
than 10 minutes to run complete background checks on anyone who serves. In addition, the internet provides a wealth of
information to be obtained. We will use every tool at our disposal to follow up with the information you provide in your
contract. You'd be wise to follow the instructions given to you very closely.

Terms of Agreement: The contracts remain in effect for a period of no less than 1 year. After this period, contracts may or may
not be extended based on your performance during the initial contract period. In the event that you become too afraid to
continue servitude, or become unable to complete tasks assigned for another reason, you may choose to void the contract by
paying double the contract buy-in fee. Should you choose this option, please know that you will be refused any future
blackmail services, unless the situation warrants a mutual agreement to void the contract.