Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) is a term most men fear and dread,
but painful genital torture is something that Banker Dave just loves
to enact on his banking customers!
Do you have the BALLS to do it?

Some boys like big cocks, some boys like little cocks....
and then again, some LOVE to TORTURE cocks!
Can you guess where I fit in?

CBT is an extreme form of genital punishment practiced by Banker Dave,
and many of my boys beg for mercy as I have them squeeze, bind,
or crush their pathetic cocks for my perverted amusement.
Customers who choose this option with their new accounts will receive periodic tasks of cock punishment to complete
either in the privacy of their own homes, or in a public setting.

Tasks range from mild to wild, and are to be completed within a specified period of time,
or will suffer addition fees and/or account cancellation.

Tasks which are given can easily be completed, even by the most pathetic of subjects.

Open a New Account TODAY with an initial deposit of at least $25.00,
then complete the new account application on the same page.
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